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Recognized among the leading company in oil and gas industry with strives to be a model corporate

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Exploration, Development And Operation Of Onshore And Offshore Oil And Gas Fields In Russia And Abroad.

Fingrupp LLC Offshore Oil And Gas

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Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery is a global energy company focused on geological exploration, processing and sales of gas, gas condensate and oil, sales of gas as a vehicle fuel, as well as generation and marketing of heat and lube oil. Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery views its mission as ensuring a reliable, efficient and balanced supply of natural gas, other energy resources and their derivatives to consumers. Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery strategic goal is to establish itself as a leader among global energy companies by diversifying sales markets, ensuring reliable supplies, improving operating efficiency and fulfilling its scientific and technical potential.

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At Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery, our sales and export service support team has knowledge and experience with good management and make recommendations to customers regarding products specifications needs. And objective is to become a recognized leader in the oil and gas industry and strives to be a model corporate, provide value for shareholders and the Russian federation, ensure employees’ health and safety, smooth and successful real experience.

ООО "Фингрупп"
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The Strategic Goal Of Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery

Increased cost efficiency

At Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery seeks to strengthen its position among the 10 largest public oil and gas companies in the world in terms of production of liquid hydrocarbons and an increase in production growth rates in line with market trends. The company will continue to improve the efficiency of its value chain management, develop the petrochemical sector and maintain a leading position in existing and expand its share in new retail markets, striving for high production performance, for effective industrial safety work management and high-quality asset structure.

Oil Recovery Techniques

The use of enhanced oil recovery methods is a determining factor in oil production. Incremental oil production by methods of increasing production of tertiary oil in 2016 to 3.47 million tons. Collectively, production from enhanced oil recovery techniques accounted for 46.4% of total production in 2016. The North will be a key region for the growth of oil and gas production by the Company in the medium term.

Development strategy

At the end of 2020, the Board of Directors of At Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery adopted a new long-term development strategy until 2030, according to which the company should become the global industry benchmark for efficiency, technological progress and safety. Developing to change the world. Creation to be proud of your creations. We at Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery measured the quality in terms of performance, reliability and durability. Quality is the most important parameter that distinguishes an organization from its competitors.

Company strategy

The company's strategy is to manufacture and sell competitive oil and gas and petrochemical products and services in accordance with the requirements and expectations of stakeholders, develop existing markets, achieve the sustainability of the Company and improve the quality of life of employees.

A new generation company

This new strategy is a continuation of the company's strategy until 2030, but with a greater emphasis on positioning the company in the market, increasing its agility in response to external changes and transforming all key business processes. The goal for 2030 is to create a “new generation” company and become a benchmark for other companies in the industry in terms of efficiency, safety and technical progress. We strive to sharpen our overseas marketing capabilities by enhancing strategic partnerships with key customers abroad

Modernization of refining assets.

By maintaining a proven reserves-to-production ratio for at least 18 years and providing 100 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) per year. Percentage replacement of jambs every year. It also implies an increase in the conversion rate to 95% and the yield of light oil products to 80% due to the ongoing modernization of refining assets.

ООО "Фингрупп"