HSE / Sustainability

Focused on customer satisfaction to build the trust that will underpin our sustainable growth

Health, Safety, Environment And Quality

We are committed to providing services that meet our customers’ needs and expectations for quality, productivity and safety, while fostering a business culture that educates, develops and encourages our people to continuously improve all aspects of our operations. Health, safety and environment (HSE) is implemented at all levels of our business and integrated into our quality assurance system; new employees get a complete picture of Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery as soon as they start their work. All information about the company is archived electronically. Unwanted incidents and deviations from the procedure are logged on our intranet using web-enabled mobile devices. These procedures allow Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery to maintain an optimal HSE system that is always up to date and available online from anywhere in the world.

The functioning of the refinery is associated with increased requirements for industrial fire safety of production, as well as labor protection. Implementation of organizational and technical measures aimed at prevention of emergency situations, reduction of consequences and preparedness for their localization allows to limit the level of risk both for employees of Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery and for the population within acceptable limits.

Social Policy & Development

Doing great things and changing the world for the better is an integral part of our lives. Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery pride ourselves on bonding over very important ideas and events. We are confident that the “give-back” from the good things we do is way bigger than the effort we’ve invested into them. The company has always sought to adhere to high standards, both in production and in social aspects. A systematic approach to the implementation of the entire social policy, focused on the needs of employees and their families, responsible business conduct contribute to the stability and efficiency of social investments both within the group companies and in the regions.

Environmental Monitoring Policy

The main activity of NNK-Razvitie’s Environmental Department in the sphere of environmental monitoring has been to carry out quantitative and qualitative monitoring of harmful wastes in gaseous, liquid and solid forms emitted to the atmosphere as a result of natural and anthropogenic impacts at enterprises and companies subordinated to Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery, on scientific grounds with the purpose of assessing and forecasting the conditions of air, water and soil environment, implementing regular control and research system defining their chemical content, degree of contamination, radioactive and hydro-biological features and physical characteristics.

Sustainable development

Sustainability management management scheme at Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery starts with understanding the expectations of what we call the CEO - customers, employees, owners and other stakeholders. By understanding correctly what they expect of us and what we must do to meet their expectations, we make a concerted effort to maximize their economic, environmental and social values ​​and therefore achieve our 2025 vision of becoming “the most competitive and exciting energy" & a chemical company in Europe '

Investing in a RUC / ODC project

Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery invests in the RUC / ODC project based on a stable financial structure with the aim of laying the foundation for sustainable growth. The company also takes the initiative in transparent and accurate disclosure of management information to protect the interests of stakeholders, and also strives for joint development with business partners. We not only join the global response to climate change, but we are also implementing differentiated environmental management activities. Our social contributions are aligned with our governance strategies to achieve shared prosperity with local communities.

Customer satisfaction

At Fingrupp LLC Oil & Gas Refinery, customer satisfaction comes first. We continue to enhance our brand value through reasonable pricing and superior product quality, and we focus on customer satisfaction to build the trust that will underpin our sustainable growth. We also strive to strengthen our overseas marketing capabilities by strengthening strategic partnerships with key clients overseas while expanding into new markets.